Birch sap of mint flavour 0,75L

Non-alcoholic Mojito for every day!

Birch sap with mint is a very special product. We were able to combine usefulness of sap with mint aroma and flavour. Some gourmets call Magnum sap with mint a non-alcoholic Mojito for every day. Taste it and “Cheers!” Let it be to your health in the true sense of these words.

Magnum birch sap exclusivity:

1.     Made of 100% natural birch sap;

2.     Healthy diet drink suitable for all ages;

3.     Light and fresh taste with fresh mint

4.     Rich in natural vitamins and minerals;

5.     Low in calories;

6.     Recyclable package;

7.     No preservatives, colourings, artifitial flavours and GMO.